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You've landed on my podcast blog page all about working and living in Freedom Culture!  As a small city Mom of 6, it has been imperative that I have flexibility in my work and life and I am just over here trying to share goodies that can help you find your freedom culture too!




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Have you ever pondered the idea of starting your own business? You feel unhappy in your current employment and you feel that you’re not getting the sense of freedom that entrepreneurs are experiencing? Then this episode is tailor-made for you. But even if you haven’t considered it, just read on because you may find yourself wanting to in the end or at least get an idea of how to start from scratch.

To those of you who are new here, entrepreneurship has been a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. I have a few businesses that I manage myself and so far, I have enjoyed the flexibility that they afford me to be there for my kids whenever they need me. That’s why I’m asking you this question because I want for you to be able to experience the same freedom that can come with starting your own thing and creating your own economy.

Exploring Entrepreneurship

“Is there a business in me?” is a fundamental question you have to ask yourself first. It’s a thought-provoking inquiry, isn’t it? Sometimes, we harbour untapped potential without even realizing it and that’s the reason I’m here. I’m gonna help you unearth those hidden gems lurking within your mind.

Over the years, I’ve immersed myself in the world of online entrepreneurship, witnessing firsthand the diverse array of businesses people have created. From subscription boxes filled with self-care goodies to online guitar lessons, the possibilities are endless. And let me tell you, the online space is buzzing with energy and innovation.

Finding Your Niche

Now, let’s turn the spotlight on you. Are you intrigued by the online realm? If so, you’re in luck because there are countless avenues waiting to be explored. Whether you’re transitioning from a traditional brick-and-mortar setup or diving into entrepreneurship for the first time, the online arena offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and expansion.

But here’s the thing: You don’t need to be a seasoned expert to make waves in the online world. In fact, you only need to be a few steps ahead of your audience to provide value and guidance. That’s the beauty of sharing your knowledge and experiences – it’s a journey of continuous learning and growth.

So, what’s your unique selling proposition? What sets you apart from the crowd? What can you offer? What is something that people come to you for naturally? What area of your business or of your life do you feel that you could be qualified to do or to teach? When I say qualified, again, you don’t need to be an expert at it. You just have to be 10 percent ahead to be able to teach somebody something that you’ve just done. 

These are the questions we’ll delve into as we unravel the layers of your entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe you have a knack for solving a particular problem or a passion for a niche topic. Whatever it may be, there’s an audience out there eagerly awaiting your insights and expertise.

Start your Entrepreneurial Journey Here

I’m often asked how I do all the things that I’m doing and to be honest, most of the time I have no idea but I just do them. That’s something people come to me for advice on and perhaps I could even develop a course around it, focusing on maximizing productivity without burning out.

Sometimes, we just really don’t realize how good we are at certain things. We might overlook past accomplishments or passions that could actually be turned into something more, even a business opportunity.

If you’ve already succeeded at something, you have the expertise to teach others. Simply by having experienced it firsthand, you’ve gained valuable insights. Whether it works out or not, taking action puts you ahead of those who haven’t even begun.

But what if you haven’t done something and gotten results yourself? There’s still a potential business there if you’ve helped someone else in achieving the results. Even if you haven’t accomplished it yourself, you might possess a talent for guiding others in mastering a particular skill or task.

One great toolI have found that can help you get your knowledge business out there, is an online platform like Kajabi. As we embark on this entrepreneurial journey, let’s not forget that in-person service-based businesses have their merits and often come with limitations. Using Kajabi is a great strategy where you can create and sell courses, reaching a global audience from the comfort of your home. I’m also using this for my courses, and it has everything and is truly easy to learn.  If you want to know how you can use it for your business, just drop me a comment and I’ll guide you through it.

Create a Life of Freedom and Fulfillment

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about financial gain – it’s about creating a life of freedom and fulfillment. For me, it was the flexibility to prioritize family commitments while pursuing my passions. And trust me, if I can do it, so can you. It’s all about taking that leap of faith and betting on yourself.

Personally, it’s been really fun helping people pull these ideas out of themselves. That’s something I like to do. If you’re interested in that, you can definitely check out what I’m offering right now.

There are effective ways to create a business that doesn’t end up owning us. I want to own my business and I want to have freedom – those are my goals. I don’t know what your goals are, but my goal is to live in a culture of freedom and I want to help other people do that as well.

When you own a business, you create the conditions of your employment. But to do that, you’ve got to rely on yourself. To go all in on that thing, to take the risk because it’s worth it. It really is and to start creating that freedom for yourself, but be smart about it, too. 

Ready to Take a Leap and Bet on Yourself?

As we wrap up, I want to leave you with one thought: You have a business inside you waiting to be unleashed. Whether it’s a passion project or a full-fledged enterprise, the possibilities are endless. 

I’ve yet to meet someone whom I haven’t helped pull a business idea out of them – just saying. Even if they didn’t already have a business idea, we’d definitely talked about how they could because it just automatically comes up for me.

I admire people who demonstrate dedication and drive in their work. Those who exhibit such qualities often make excellent business owners due to their innate motivation and perseverance. If you’re someone who has been tirelessly devoting your energy to supporting others’ success, perhaps working for someone else all this time, then this is definitely for you.

Now is the time. Seize it. Harness your ambition, your determination, and your hunger. All it takes is one spark of an idea to set things in motion. So, what’s it gonna be? Think about it. Share it with me. I’m eager to hear if inspiration struck while you’re reading this or if you’ve been pondering potential ideas.

I promise, I’ll be here, cheering you on all the way.

Catch up with me on my socials I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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