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Two-Weeks Notice: Are You Ready to Give It?



You've landed on my podcast blog page all about working and living in Freedom Culture!  As a small city Mom of 6, it has been imperative that I have flexibility in my work and life and I am just over here trying to share goodies that can help you find your freedom culture too!




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Two-Weeks Notice: Are You Ready to Give It?

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Are you ready to make that leap? Buckle up because today, we’re diving deep into the intriguing and often nerve-wracking topic of giving your two weeks’ notice. Inspired by Amy Porterfield’s book, “Two Weeks Notice,” let’s evaluate happiness in your job and contemplate your decisions.

Question Your Happiness: Let’s get real for a moment—how stoked are you about your job? I’m not just talking about the paycheck or the perks. It’s about digging deep and asking yourself if your work truly lights a fire inside you. Sometimes, being okay with your job isn’t enough. It’s about figuring out what really makes you thrive

Amy Porterfield’s book highlights that a staggering 73% of employees are considering leaving their jobs. Are you one of them? If you are, keep reading. If you’re not and think, “I’m happy,” I challenge you to define what happiness means to you. Are you truly content with the work you do? or is there something more you want to do or be? I’m curious about your definition of happiness, and I want you to be genuinely happy. If you’re nodding along, you’re on the right track. Take the time to pinpoint what aspects of your work genuinely make you feel alive and fulfilled.

Now, let’s dive into some stats, particularly about women in the workforce. Amy’s book sheds light on some eye-opening figures. For instance, women are paid just 82 cents for every dollar their male colleagues earn. Where’s the other 18%? We’re equally capable, so when do we get our due? Furthermore, men are promoted at 30% higher rates than women in early career stages. This trend reveals a persistent gender bias that keeps many women from leadership roles.

The “Great Resignation” is a term you might have heard, describing the wave of people leaving their jobs post-pandemic. Many discovered a preference for working from home, and when asked to return to the office, they opted out. This shift signifies a broader realization: people want work that aligns with their values and lifestyles.

Nearly half of Americans fear being laid off within the next year, a statistic that highlights job insecurity. This insecurity is why I believe in empowering individuals to take control of their careers. As someone who has been through the cycle of being hired, fired, and laid off, I understand the lack of security in traditional employment. This realization pushed me towards entrepreneurship, and I haven’t looked back since.

Consider this: women make up 47.7% of the global workforce but hold only 6.4% of CEO roles at S&P 500 companies. Women of color face even more significant disparities, earning as little as 71 cents for every dollar earned by their white male colleagues. Additionally, 84% of millennials report burnout at their current jobs. These statistics underline the systemic issues that drive many women out of the workforce and into entrepreneurship.

Reflecting on these stats, it’s no wonder so many are considering a change. Women in history have paved the way for us, fighting for the rights and opportunities we have today. Not too long ago, women couldn’t even apply for a business loan without a man’s signature. We owe our current freedoms to those trailblazers.

If you’re still listening, you’re likely contemplating a change. Amy Porterfield’s book, “Two Weeks Notice,” is a fantastic resource if you’re ready to explore new opportunities. She guides you through the process, from planning your exit to what to do afterward. When I read her book, I was at a crossroads, managing two in-person service businesses and yearning for the online world. Her insights were invaluable, helping me prepare for my leap.

The Power of Choice: Your career isn’t a script handed to you; it’s an epic adventure where you’re the hero. Whether you’re contemplating a daring move like saying “peace out” to your current gig or you’re already rocking the boat with a new business idea, every decision you make shapes your story. It’s all about taking charge and steering your professional life in the direction that screams “this is me!” Don’t let anyone else write your story. Embrace the power you have to make bold moves, even if they seem wild to others.

If you’re afraid to bet on yourself, remember that you’ve already shown up for yourself countless times. Becoming an entrepreneur is about leveraging that evidence to fuel your faith in your abilities.

When I quit my job in 2019, the feeling of freedom was unparalleled. I felt like the world was at my feet, and I embraced the opportunity to shape my future. Was it scary? Absolutely. But I didn’t let fear override my desire for a fulfilling life.

If you’re thinking about quitting your job, remember that it’s your choice. It’s powerful to decide your path rather than waiting for someone else to dictate it. Reflect on your wins and accomplishments—they’ve led you to this moment. If you’re ready for change, start by clarifying your idea and planning your steps forward.

Fear is Fuel: When you’re standing at the edge of a career cliff, fear is totally normal. But guess what? It’s also a sign that you’re onto something big. True freedom kicks in when you say “heck yeah” to choices that align with your dreams and values. Whether you’re ditching the 9-to-5 to chase a passion or diving headfirst into a whole new industry, fear is your turbo boost. Embrace it, because on the other side of fear lies the most epic, liberating experiences of your life.

Remember, finding your groove in your career journey is all about embracing your inner vibe, knowing what really lights you up, and having the guts to chase after it. Your career isn’t just about making a living; it’s about crafting a life that’s totally rad and authentically yours. Trust your gut, shake off the doubts, and carve out a path that makes you feel alive and kicking every single day. You’ve got this!

Until next time, embrace your freedom and keep striving for the life you deserve.   

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